phillygirl2873's Journal

I'm a 30-something environmental scientist working in S Jersey. I'm close with my family and spend a lot of time with them on the weekends. My interests are varried. I tend to find new hobbies all the time, then lose interest in them quickly. Lately my hobbies include gardening and crochet. I love the TV shows Lost and Veronica Mars. I love music and will listen to almost anything. I have 2 kitties, Angel and Yuengling. I do some charity work including the 3-Day breast cancer walk and local community groups. I'm a huge movie fan, but alas, I have not seen many movies lately, too busy. But I love old, obscure, indie or cult classic type movies. Of course every once in awhile a good action or girly movie can be good too. I love to read , but I'm mostly hooked o comics right now. Oh yeah, and I love backgammon and any kind of board, card, or video game.