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Lost Weekend!

Finally finished uploading my pics. They are here...


Feel free to beg borrow or steal.

I woke up bright and early on Thursday for the plane ride out. Surprisingly the airport was packed at 4:30 in the morning. The plane ride was ok, but I purposefully chose to have a lay over on the way out so I could get up and stretch on the trip. Unfortunately, my flight continued, so we didn't get off the plane. This happened going both directions. If I had known that I would have just gotten a direct flight. Eh, oh well. I tried to sleep on the plane, but was too excited. I think I napped a little bit on the way out, but I already started my trip sleep deprived.

When I arrived at LAX I called Goloptious, who had been waiting for a few hours already. I finally got my luggage and took a shuttle over to Golo's terminal. We were supposed to ride to the airport with Hijinx and q, but I wasn't really sure if their rental car would fit us and all our luggage, plus Golo was itching to get out of there so we took the Supershuttle to the hotel.

About an hour later, don't you love being the last stop, we made it to the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood. It's a beautiful hotel! Much too classy for the likes of me, but they accepted my money anyway. We met up with Kyuss and Dondant, in the lobby right off the bat...actually they may have been sitting at their bench now that I think about it. So we dropped off our luggage and went and grabbed a bite to eat with Kyuss and Dondant at the Hollywood and Highlands Center right next to our hotel. We saw Halfrek, Carencey, and Oldmanfan while we were eating.

After lunch (more like a late night snack to me) we went and got our hotel room which was absolutely lovely! A little bit of hanging around and then we were off to see Jimmy Kimmel. We waited in line a lot. Finally we got in and got to see the show. About four of our group were seated across the theater from us because they wanted to slpit up the Lost fans. Yeah, ok, so they put about 30 of us on one side and 4 on the other. We just kept waving over to them. After an hour or so at Jimmy Kimmel our voices were gone and we went off to Mel's (an awesome diner) for dinner.

Surprisingly enough, as long as the day was, we still decided to go out for Karayokee at Dimples, the first kareoke bar in America. I sort of got a second wind here and had a great time singing and watching and cheering for everyone else. We squeezed 5 of us (me, surr, Golo, pax, and BojiBabe) in the back of Bob's car for the ride home. Big_Ragu was in the front, but we made him move the seat all the way up. Shh, don't tell the cops.

Long day, time for bed.

Woke up on Friday relatively early. I wanted to go for a run, so I went on a search for Exil. Exil was up in the Hospitality Suite with a group waiting to watch Naveen on Tyra Banks. Finally at the end of the show Naveen was on for like 5 minutes. So then we were off to the gym to work out, BojiBabe joined us also. My running sucked. Probably because I was smoking on my trip (only at night), my lungs are still probably cleaning up after the weekend. I went back to the Hospitality Suite after running, lots of people hanging out and coming and going.

Goloptious got a call from JacknKate that there was something coming. The phone kept cutting out, we looked out the windows, but didn't see anything. Then we saw some smoke, so Golo, surr, and I went running down to our room to look our windows. Big Fire! Big fire in the Hollywood Hills! It looked like a volcano eruption or something, so much smoke! Then we went back up to the Suite, but then we went looking for better and better views and ended up back at our room with Carencey and Starrox, till they got the fire under control.

All the excitement made me hungry, so I went in search of food and ran into Dondant. We went to go to the Hollywood and Highland Center, but then we also ran into BojiBabe, Pax, Exil, and Maurice and we all got lunch. Yum! Then I went on a little adventure through Hollywood and took some pics. It lasted all of 15 minutes cause you don't have to go far to find something interesting.

I ran upstairs to get ready for the Friday night party. I wanted to go help hang up the Here In Spirit board even though I wasn't on the decorating committee, so I went downstairs and Tonia and Dr U helped me put up the signs.

I'll pick up later with the Friday night party. It's time to go home.


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Apr. 10th, 2007 10:48 am (UTC)
Awesome pics
Wow looks like a blast! The black smoke in the Hollywood Hills, was that created just for the Lost Weekend attendees? I woulda been real scared it was coming to get me... Heh!

Rock on!


Apr. 12th, 2007 08:59 am (UTC)
*finally squishes out of OMF's car* whew!

*waves and does charades from the exiled seats at Kimmel*

Dimples was the first kareoke in the US? How did I not know that?!

Cool piccies chica! Can't wait for next year! *squeeze*
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